Business & Accountancy


The College of Business and Accountancy envisions itself to be a center of excellence in business education, producing graduates who are God-loving, articulate, and productive citizens, imbued with the values and ideals of Dr. Jose P. Laurel such as nationalism, leadership, morality and service



The College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) will provide innovative programs which are ever mindful of the specific competencies, skills and values required by existing andemergent industries, while remaining committed to continued research and community extension.

The CBA will continually apply its intellectual resources to deliver excellent business education, conducted with sincere engagement with best business practices, and to instill among its students the values of nationalism, trust and stewardship, of respect and service  in the conduct of business



 1. To facilitate industry-based learning by offering programs that reflect the actual knowledge, skills and attitude, required by the industry, with focus on ways and means to increase productivity.

 2. To develop students’ proficiency in the field of accounting, within the context of decision making, whether small business or a multinational enterprise.

 3. To develop students who are not only conversant with IT concepts for business systems but have sound knowledge in internal control , development of standards and practices, and managing the security of information, all using the latest in information technology.

 4. To develop morally upright students, who are not only tooled with relevant competencies, but are also imbued with the highest standards of professionalism and work ethics.